How can we help BHL

BHL Partners is your partner in VoIP (UCAAS, CCAAS, Hosted PBX) and Internet services. BHL has partnerships with over 250 of the leading telephony/technology companies, assuring our customers we will be able to find the best solution with the best provider for the best price.  

How can we help BHL

Looking for robust Hosted Phone System, UCAAS, CCAAS, VoIP Phones and cut down costs? BHL can help. Looking for Fiber/Coax/Wireless internet options? BHL can helpInterested in SDWAN services? BHL can helpWant to cut down on your Telecommunications spend? BHL can help. 

How can we help BHL

Why do our customers love us?  Over 80% of our customers have cut telecommunication costs AND received new and better services.  

Start your no-cost analysis today. Worst case scenario, we tell you that you have the best services at the best costs available already. More than likely though, you will get better services and money back in your budget!  Call us at 888.965.5155 or email us here.


What Do We Do?

No Cost/No Obligation analysis of your current Telecommunications Infrastructure to understand what your current environment is, what you need and what you want.
We work with our partners to find solutions that will best fit your business’s needs and present your business with the best options based on those needs.
With the list of providers narrowed down, we facilitate any meetings/demos you need to make a final decision.
BHL assists with any final negotiations for the services that will meet or exceed your needs, at the best price point possible.
BHL will remain an advocate and support system during any transitions to new services, as well as ongoing support while you have those services.

BHL is carrier agnostic.

We want what is best for YOUR business. Every business we work with is unique, there is no one size fits all. We find the best solutions and present them to you.

BHL’s cost to your business - $0.

Transparency is an important ingredient in business and life. How is the cost to your business $0? We are paid by the Telecommunications/Technology companies to sale and assist in servicing customers. This is much like an insurance brokerage. We have access to over 260 Telecommunications & Technology providers and all of them pay BHL around the same residual.

Leverage Your Telecommunications to Make Your Team Successful


  • BHL Partners has been a great resource for us, providing telecommunications expertise and experience that helps customers understand and maximize their telecommunications spend 
  • For over a decade, we have put our full faith and trust to ensure our internet and phones are working with virtually no downtime, and BHL consistently delivers.
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Our Customers Love Us Because...

Our goal is to get you BETTER services and Cut your costs if possible.

Who We Are

BHL is a Technology Advisor / Broker, specifically around Internet (Fiber/Coax) Phone services, and TV services. We provide End-to-End support, and the best part is that there is NO COST TO YOU for our services. What does that mean to you and how do we do this?
We provide a no cost analysis of your current services. We look at your telecom/internet/TV bills to understand What services you currently have what you are currently paying for your services.

Who We Are Not

You DO NOT get a bill from BHL. We broker the services from the Phone/Technology companies and you get a bill directly from them. The best part is that the Phone companies pay us to do this! So we work for you, we are your Advocate to the phone companies, but you don’t have to pay us for this. This is a win for everyone!


Send us a quick email with questions and we'll send you quick email with answers.