What Do We Do?



Leverage Your Telecommunications to Make Your Team Successful


Acquire Greater Leverage
We provide End-to-End support, and the best part is that there is NO COST TO YOU for our services.
Carrier agnostic (160+ technology partners)
We are partnered with over 160 Telephone/Internet/TV Provider companies. We work with you to find the best solutions for your area. We want you to get the best services for the best prices, we are YOUR partner.
Improve your Buying Power
Once we establish what you have, and what you need, we look at all the local providers for the services and get quotes from them. We also help with the contract negotiation. We ALWAYS want you to get the best deal possible – We work for you! If you choose to utilize one of the quotes, we Project Manage the changes/upgrades.

  • Choosing BHL Partners is a decision I do not regret. They have made my job as telecommunications manager a lot easier than in the past. There is no reason not to consider BHL as a CLEC.
    Front Door Publishers
  • For over a decade, we have put our full faith and trust to ensure our internet and phones are working with virtually no downtime, and BHL consistently delivers.
    John Smith, President
    Tech Firm 101

Our Customers Love Us Because...

Our goal is to get you BETTER services and Cut your costs if possible.

Who We Are

BHL is a Technology Advisor / Broker, specifically around Internet (Fiber/Coax) Phone services, and TV services. We provide End-to-End support, and the best part is that there is NO COST TO YOU for our services. What does that mean to you and how do we do this?
We provide a no cost analysis of your current services. We look at your telecom/internet/TV bills to understand What services you currently have what you are currently paying for your services.

Who We Are Not

You DO NOT get a bill from BHL. We broker the services from the Phone/Technology companies and you get a bill directly from them. The best part is that the Phone companies pay us to do this! So we work for you, we are your Advocate to the phone companies, but you don’t have to pay us for this. This is a win for everyone!


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